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Induction Floodlights Ireland


Why Choose Induction Lamps for your Floodlighting?

Induction Floodlight IrelandProbably one of the most efficient and long lived products on the market today, the induction floodlight has proved to be very effective in lighting large areas for less money than any other product. In fact, Induction Lighting has proved to be “the lowest total cost of ownership” for any commercial lighting induction floodlighting warehouse loading bay

System available in the market today; depending on the application. This has been achieved largely due to the fact that the Induction lamp has a large surface area and can give out a large amount of light compared to other systems. This fact, coupled with a custom designed high quality reflector makes the lighting output of this type of flood light unbeatable in todays market.

Long life times and maintenance free working life are the major advantages of induction lighting and especially outdoor flood lighting, where maintenance costs can be an issue.

Giving out better visual effective lumen’s than any comparable product is one of the side benefits of induction lamps. It has been a deciding factor in many applications where security is an issue and more notably CCTV lighting, where the improvement in picture quality has been overwhelming compared to the previously installed lighting systems.


Floodlight Warehouse Loading Bay IrelandThe induction floodlights can produce a better quality of light, more of it and in a greater area than most other light sources. While induction floodlighting is more expensive than sodium, metal halide or fluorescent lighting systems it is easily much less expensive than current LED technology and will produce a better luminance curve, last longer and will be the most cost effective solution for years to come.

Adattsi Ltd. Have a selection of Induction Flood Lights from 40 Watt all the way up to 200 Watt. These will directly replace any similar light, like sodium vapour or Metal Halide lighting for only half of the wattage and with up to 5 times the life.

Call us today to discuss your outside flood lighting requirements and download our latest catalogue from our download section to see other related products.

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