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Induction Garage Lighting Fixtures Ireland


Garage Lighting Fixtures Designed For Use With Induction Lighting Technology


Multi Storey At Night Illuminated IrelandGarage Lighting fixtures designed for use with induction lighting technology. Very efficient energy saving lighting fixtures, ideal for multi storey car parks, pedestrian areas, tunnels and service areas.

Adattsi have a wide selection of Garage Lighting Fixtures and solutions for areas such as multi story car parks, garage forecourts, canopy lighting and areas where lighting is essential for vehicle access.

With many of our cities car parks already fitted out with induction lamps it is no wonder that this ever popular product is being fitted out as a first choice for re-lamping such areas over T5 and PL lamp alternatives. Although not every situation is viable or warrants induction technology, it can be the most cost effective solution over time and with Adattsi bringing the prices of induction lamps down to earth, there is now no better time to change over to Induction.

We do supply a range of cost effective alternative solutions to induction lamps but it has been proven time and time again this is currently the best available technology for many reasons. If you are looking specifically for T5 or other fluorescent technology along with daylight dimming and occupancy sensing please see our other sections on our website for more details.

When it comes to versatility nothing beats the Induction Lamp, it can easily be retrofitted in to existing fixtures negating the need for new fixtures and unnecessary waste.

The Induction Garage Fixture can be fitted with an Occupancy Sensor for additional Energy Savings of over 30% average. These sensors can be easily fitted to the fixture and will maintain optimum lighting levels and comfort throughout the installation.

Car Park Lighting: What Can Be Done To Save Money In Car Parks?

There are quite a lot of car parks in every town these days, some are multi storey and some are open plan but they all have one thing in common, they all have car park lighting and need to be lit in some form or another.

Lighting can be one of the largest expenses on management companies and trying to find the most cost effective lighting solution for managing these expenses is no easy task.

This is where Adattsi can help. We are fortunate to have a wide variety of experience in this area and have access to a number of technologies which will dramatically reduce the energy consumption in car park areas. Some of the areas we can provide assistance are

• Induction lighting
• T5 Lighting
• Lighting Controls
• Emergency Lighting
• Retrofit Lighting

Depending on what has been installed before and budgetary requirements we have a solution for virtually every application you will come across. If you have existing fixtures and they are suitable, perhaps a retrofit would be the most suitable option. We have seen in the past huge energy savings from retrofit applications, whether it is metal halide/ sodium to Induction or old outdated T8 Fluorescent lighting to Induction lighting, new T5 fluorescent lighting, T5 adapters or intelligent lighting controls to existing systems, there is a solution for every situation and every budget all of which i might add with expected results of up to and over 50% savings on lighting.

When you consider the majority of the load of car parks is primarily lighting there is no question this is the place to dramatically cut the costs in these areas. While fluorescent lighting units like T5 corrosion proof fixtures can seem like a very cost effective situation and they are there are other solutions such as induction lighting which may offer a long term benefit such as maintenance free operation over lifetime, low lumen depreciation and life expectancies in excess of 100,000 hours.

There are many factors to consider when selecting the solution for each client and not one technology fits all applications for various different reasons. If you have a lighting project in mind or are considering changing your existing technology to something more energy efficient, call or email us and we will advise on the most suitable technology for your needs. We are constantly updating our portfolio of products and come across many new and innovative solutions through our extensive partner network around the globe.