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Orion Induction High Bay Lighting Ireland


Orion Induction High Bay Lighting IrelandOrion Induction High Bay Lighting

One of our most popular selling products and most versatile. The Orion induction high bay fixture is constructed from aluminium. The reflector is highly polished and is designed specifically for the induction lamp to give optimum output.

Each fixture comes with a tempered glass lens as standard and has an option of a clear polycarbonate lens when required such as for food preparation applications. The wattage range is 80 – 200 Watts.

The fixture can be used with occupancy sensors for optimum energy saving and as with all induction lighting has instant on and re-strike ability.

The Orion Induction Lighting High Bay can be used in warehouse lighting, factory lighting, retail lighting, workshops and other areas where high lighting is a requirement to light a large area.

If you are looking for a polycarbonate induction high bay fixture you can check out the Ara Polycarbonate Induction Lighting High Bay.



Orion Induction High Bay Specifications Table